Satire: 6 Reasons Why R Chandru is an inspiration for upcoming Kannada Filmmakers

For filmmaker R. Chandru, by his own acknowledgment, Kabzaa has been one hell of an experience. Having wished to prove himself as a skillful filmmaker and also be part of this crucial phase of the revival of Kannada cinema, Chandru dreamed big and worked hard for many years to become what he is today. Below are the reasons why R Chandru is an inspiration for many Kannada filmmakers.

1. He is always Optimistic

Despite receiving negative reviews about Kabzaa, R Chandru always focused on what was positive. Having been slammed for a bad script, the filmmaker is still convinced to go further with the same penmanship for Kabzaa 2.


2. Convincing skills

Though he was a romantic film director, Chandru was able to convince Upendra, Sudeep, and Shivanna to act in a larger-than-life film. “I was someone who yearned for an opportunity to meet stars like Upendra, and Sudeep, among others, and maybe even take a picture with them. From such a background, I have had the immense fortune to work with them and, most importantly, be able to do a film of the scale of Kabzaa. Today, I am here with Kabzaa, only because of the love and support of stars like Upendra, Sudeep, and Shivarajkumar, who stood by me, every step of the way,” the director says.

3. Honest and humble

Amidst criticism against being a KGF copy, he has openly said that he feels proud to have copied. He had said, “I am happy that comparison is being made to our own film KGF. Every film is its own brand, I am sure even, Kabzaa will reach greater heights.”

4. Hardworker

He has worked so hard for the film that people are putting hard effort to sit in theatres for 2 hours. “Today Kabza is compared to Hollywood films just because of the hard work and soul we have put into it. Not just me, but the entire team including the cameraman and art directors have gone all-out for the film,” says Chandru.


5. Self Confidence

He is so confident about the movie that he has not approached any popular digital platforms for promotions. “Its humongous success across the world has exceeded my expectations. Within the first week, Kabzaa raked in a record collection. The credit must go to the entire team and I am indebted to Upendra. Without him, it would have been impossible,” these words by Chandru and the current Kabzaa BO Collection have parallel objectives.

6. His talent is beyond reviews

“I will take a short break and concentrate on Kabzaa 2. Work on the script has started. I can promise that it will be bigger and better.” His confidence, Humbleness, passion for Hardworker and Optimistic make him beyond a good director.