Sarfaraz Ahmed Bending Over Lord’s Balcony Resulted To Number Of Hilarious Trolls And Memes

The meme makers are not going to leave Sarfaraz that easy. Being a part of a number of trolls, Pakistan captain has been the number one topic for memes throughout this month. During the India Pakistan game, the Pak skipper was clueless about the broadcasters capturing him yawning, which led to major criticism. In the meantime, this led to a number of trolls and a number of memes.

Sarfaraz’s pic with yawning took social media with a storm. The day passed and team Pakistan was able to beat South Africa and they did shut a lot of mouths after winning against Proteas by 49 runs. As the match went well for Pakistan there was a moment which caught people’s attention and was quite amusing.

Sarfaraz Caught on camera again

Sarfaraz Ahmed, skipper of the Pakistan team was captured on camera at the Lord’s balcony, he was seen bending over by the railing to talk to someone. This incident was noticed by many social media users and they took the image to Twitter with some hilarious meme, people came up with conversations that often take place from balconies such as switching off water pumps or when food delivery guy comes home with food.

We have picked some of the memes which are quite hilarious and amusing