Salman Says It’s ‘Serious Crime’ To Pirate His Film; Netizens List Down Crimes Committed By Bhai

Salman Khan is in the news, yet again. Almost every Eid, Bhai is in the news for the release of his movie. This time, too, Salman’s film has released but he is not in the news entirely for reasons related to his films. There are a whole lot of people on the internet who are trolling Salman and listing out the crimes committed by him.

Salman Khan’s most expected film Radhe released recently

After much deliberation, the makers of Radhe decided to release the film at theatres and on OTT simultaneously. While the theatre option did not work out, on OTT, the makers released the film on a pay-per-view basis on Zee Plex. The film was priced at Rs 249 for one view.


Sallu requests people to abstain from pirating his film

Salman Khan recently put out a post on his social media account requesting people to stop pirating and supporting pirated copies of his film. He said that they had offered the film at a ‘reasonable’ price of Rs 249, and despite this, there was illegal streaming of the film. Bhai even said that Cyber Crime Cell is already hunting down the pirates, and very strict action would be taken against them.

Netizens start trolling Salman

Salman’s social media request did not go down well with the netizens. Radhe is a poorly made film with no entertainment value whatsoever. It seems that the makers took the audience for granted and dished out the film. Although it is definitely a crime to pirate a film, Sallu’s way of putting out his idea did not meet good reactions.

Meanwhile, the netizens also pointed out that the ‘serious crime’ word in Salman Khan’s tweet was contradictory to the handle it was coming from. Hence, a few users started listing out the crimes committed by Bollywood’s popular actor.