Salman Khan Files Complaint Against Video game ‘Selmon Bhoi’ Based On 2002 Hit-And-Run Case, Court Orders To Take It Down

Salman khan has been on the news ever since he rose from superstar to megastar in the Bollywood industry. Due to his past antics and crimes he allegedly committed several times faced the heat of people and eventually people started trolling him for each and every act he performed, whether it be films or any other event which includes him.

Selmon Bhoi Game Banned

A Mumbai civil court has ordered for temporary restraint on access to an online mobile game titled ‘Selmon Bhoi’, allegedly based on a hit-and-run incident involving Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Civil court judge K M Jaiswal passed the order on Monday.


The court restrained the makers of the game, Parody Studios Pvt Ltd and its directors, from disseminating, launching, re-launching and recreating the game or any other content relating to the actor. The court also directed the makers to immediately take-down or block or disable access to the game from Google Play Store and all other platforms.


               Salman resembling character in the game

Salman Khan Had filed The Complaint Earlier

Khan had filed an application in the court last month against the developers of the game, claiming that the name and images displayed in the game appeared to be his caricature version. The application claimed that the game “Selmon Bhoi” is phonetically the same as Khan’s popular name amongst his fans, “Salman Bhai”.

“The game developers intentionally gained commercial advantage by exploiting the personality rights of our client without seeking our client’s consent,” said the actor’s application. The civil court understood that the game was not given prior permission from the actor and is banned indefinitely from remaking it’s version.


This hit and run game is basically a term referred from khan’s past events where he was involved in various murder cases. And this time he alleges to have hurt his sentiments and filed a complaint at the court to take down this game. Well, people always find an alternative to troll their beloved bhoi !