Sachin Pilot wishes things could have been resolved internally reacts on Scindia’s exit

It has been two days since J. Scindia left Congress to join their nemesis BJP citing differences in thought process and functioning. Scindia was a part of Congress for a whopping 18 years, almost 2 decades.

With Scindia, 22 MLAs also left which meant that Madhya Pradesh is all but out of Congress’ hands as they will lose the majority. The Kamal Nath government is in a frenzy, now.


Rajasthan Congress chief and Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot termed the development as unfortunate. ‘Wished things could have been fixed within the party collaboratively,’ Pilot said. Pilot said in a tweet on Wednesday: ‘Unfortunate to see @JM_Scindia parting ways with @INCIndia. I wish things could have been resolved collaboratively within the party.’

Young Congress leader Kuldeep Bishnoi from Haryana also expressed his despair as he maintained that the party should have done more to convince Scindia to stay put. He tweeted:

“@JM_Scindia’s departure is a big blow to @INCIndia. He was a central pillar in the party & the leadership should’ve done more to convince him to stay. Like him, there are many other devoted INC leaders across the country who feel alienated, wasted & discontented. India’s oldest party needs to empower young leaders who have the capacity to work hard & resonate with the masses.”