Sachin Pilot Offered 35 Crores To Join BJP, Says A Congress MLA In Rajasthan

Sachin Pilot (7)

Giriraj Singh Malinga, the Congress MLA from the state of Rajasthan has leveled serious allegations against former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot.

According to Giriraj Singh, Pilot had offered him money to join the Bharatiya Janata Party in the midst of a political crisis in the state. He spoke to the media and said,


“I had a talk with Sachinji. He offered me money to join the BJP but I refused to say I will not join the saffron party. How will I face the people of my area? What will I tell them?”

Giriraj Singh revealed that he was offered a sum of Rs. 35 crore by Sachin Pilot to join the BJP. However, he said that he would not join the saffron party even after resigning as the MLA. He also revealed that he had informed Ashok Gehlot about Pilot’s offer before the Rajya Sabha elections but he failed to submit any proof. He has also agreed to appear in front of any investigating agency regarding the matter.

Sachin Ashok (1)

Gehlot Continues to Attack Pilot

On the other hand, Ashok Gehlot has said that his former deputy was conspiring to topple his government for the past six months. Speaking to the media, he said,

“Nobody believed me when I used to say that conspiracy is going on to topple the government. Nobody knew that a person with such an innocent face will do such a thing. I am not here to sell vegetables, I am the chief minister.”

The Chief Minister also said that all the MLAs on his side are staying with him without any restrictions while Pilot has held his MLAs hostage. He said,


“They are calling us and crying over the phone while explaining their ordeal. Their personal mobile phones have been snatched. Some of them want to join us. You would have never heard in history that a party’s state head is busy toppling his own government. I knew he is good for nothing, have no better work than instigating people to fight.”