‘If I Am Disqualified, My Politics Is Over’, Feels Sachin Pilot As Courts Decide His Future


Sachin Pilot’s MLA disqualification case has been in hearing in the Supreme Court of India where he is fighting against his own party. A source close to him has quoted him saying that he feels that it is the end of his political career if he is disqualified.

After the ugly turn, the Rajasthan politics took, the congress want Sachin Pilot to be disqualified as a member of the legislative assembly. This is reported because of the revolt Sachin Pilot launched against his own government. As per a source close to him, he has said,


“If Disqualified, My Politics Is Over.”

The Rajasthan High Court will be delivering its verdict on the matter on the 24th of July. Earlier the Congress had requested the apex court to intervene in the matter but the court had refused. However, despite the High Court giving the verdict tomorrow, the Supreme Court is also scheduled to rule on the same matter in the next week.

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Will Fight In The Congress

The party has been hell-bent on removing Pilot and his MLA supporters as they feel they have acted against the party disobeying the orders repeatedly to attend the meetings. As per Pilot, the anti-defection will not hold when the house is not in session and believes that it is an expression of dissent when he refrained from attending the party. A source close to Pilot quoted him saying,

“If I win the court battle. I will continue to fight for my rights within Congress. Why would I want to bring down the Congress government, when the idea is to change the leadership in Rajasthan.”

Pilot has been very clear since he rebelled that he is not going to join the rival Bharatiya Janata Party even as the rumors of him being supported by them seems to grow. It’s interesting to see what happens next in the Rajasthan political turmoil.



Source: NDTV