“RRR is a pure Telugu Film, don’t compare it to Bollywood,” Rajamouli’s remark leaves Netizens divided

Speaking to a group of journalists at a screening of RRR in the United States, Rajamouli made the difference between Bollywood and Telugu cinema while talking about the role of songs in his film.

Not a Bollywood film

During RRR’s award campaign, SS Rajamouli recently attended a screening of the film at the Directors Guild of America. And a clip from Rajamouli’s interaction with journalists before the screening is currently going viral on the internet.


In the clip, the filmmaker is heard saying RRR is “not a Bollywood film, it is a Telugu film from the south of India where I come from”.

While speaking about songs and fight scenes in Indian movies, Rajamouli said, “RRR is not a Bollywood film, it is a Telugu film from the south of India where I come from, but I use the song to move the story forward rather than stopping the film and giving you a piece of music and dance. I just use those elements to move the story forward.”

He added, “At the end of the film, if you say I didn’t feel it like for three hours, then I know I am a successful filmmaker.”


Netizens react

Rajamouli’s comments, which were posted on Twitter, kept netizens with divided opinions. One user commented, “RRR is nominated from India. Not south India or Telugu (cinema). Do not (be) biased about region or language. Also, Bollywood, not a film industry represents India.”

The second one wrote in response, “Why are you expecting all the movies from India to be portrayed as Bollywood?”

Meanwhile, some supported Rajamouli’s remark and said that Bollywood deserves it. A user said, “Bollywood deserves this insult.” Another wrote, “Yes. True. Bollywood makes Hindi movies. This is a regional film in the Telugu language. Shouldn’t regional movies get credit if they (are) good?”