“That’s my dream”: SS Rajamouli speaks on plans for a massive 10-part film on Mahabharat

SS Rajamouli has stated that his dream project Mahabharat is the goal of his life and that if he ever adapts the epic into a film, he will divide it into ten parts.

Rajamouli’s dream project

For a long time, filmmaker SS Rajamouli has wanted to make a film based on the Indian epic Mahabharat. He’s called it his dream project several times in the last few years, and now he’s revealed that if he gets to make Mahabharat, he’d like to divide it into ten parts to do it justice.


During the promotion of his previous film, RRR, Rajamouli stated that he will put his own spin on the original Mahabharata and will only begin casting after finishing the script.

Rajamouli recently opened up about his dream of making Mahabharat at a recent event. He estimated that reading every version of Mahabharat currently available in the country would take him at least a year.

When asked about his long-held ambition of transforming Mahabharat, a 266-episode television show, into a film, Rajamouli stated, “If I get to the point of making Mahabharat, it would take me a year just to read the versions of Mahabharat that are available in the country. At present, I can only assume that it would be a 10-part film.”


Mahabharat release date?

He was also asked if Mahabharat will be released any time soon, Rajamouli stated that it is the goal of his life. “I feel like I’m learning something new with each film I make in preparation for making Mahabharat.” So that’s my goal, and every step towards it,” he explained.

During the RRR promotions, Ram Charan also inquired about Rajamouli’s dream project, Mahabharat. He also wanted to know if he would recast his RRR heroes. “The characters I create for my Mahabharata will be unlike anything you’ve seen or read before. I’ll tell the Mahabharata in my own unique style. The Mahabharata (story) will remain the same, but the characters will be enhanced and inter-character relationships will be added,” said Rajamouli.

On the work front, Rajamouli is currently basking in RRR’s success. The Telugu film stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR in lead roles, with cameos from Bollywood stars Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt. The period drama was also made available in Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi. Rajamouli is now focusing his energies on his next high-budget flick with Mahesh Babu.