When Telugu-speaking people declared Baahubali 1 to be one of the ‘Worst’ disasters in the South film industry

SS Rajamouli confessed that he was unsure how Baahubali: The Beginning would fare in the end because early reviews were negative.

Worst disasters in the South film industry

SS Rajamouli’s mega-blockbuster 2015 release, Baahubali: The Beginning, may have transformed the Indian film industry, but the filmmaker recently revealed that he was doubtful about how the film would ultimately perform after receiving negative early reviews.


Speaking at an event hosted by his brother-in-law Dr. AV Guruva Reddy, the director opened up about one of his most depressing moments in life. The filmmaker said, “On the day of the release of Baahubali: The Beginning, it was the first pan-Indian film, so we released it in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, the whole of North India, America, UAE. We had a positive talk all across the globe. But our main bread and butter are from Telugu-speaking states, (and there) it had a very bad reception. People were saying it is one of the biggest disasters of the film industry.” Quoted Indian Express.

Concern about his producer

Rajamouli expressed concern about his producer, who had held his hand for the past three years as they worked on the film and distributed it across multiple states.

“We spent so much money on the film, I mean our producers spent so much money on the film. I thought if it is indeed a disaster as people are speaking, then the person who trusted me and journeyed with me for the past three years, he would be going to a place from where he can’t get up again. So I wouldn’t know what to do in such a situation,” the director concluded.


As it turned out, Baahubali: The Beginning had a fantastic run around the world, grossing around Rs 650 crore. The hit film spawned a sequel, which also proved to be a box office success, establishing Prabhas as a Pan India superstar.

The ‘Baahubali’ franchise has left a lasting mark on Indian cinema, pushing the boundaries of storytelling, visual effects, and box office success. SS Rajamouli’s vision and belief have made him one of the industry’s most admired and celebrated directors, and his honesty about his challenges adds a human touch to his outstanding journey.