92.7 Big FM Bengaluru And RJ Pradeepa Has Come Up With A Rap Song Urging People To Vote

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One of India’s largest radio networks 92.7 BIG FM Bangalore, considering the impending elections in the country,  has come up with a unique way to sensitize the public about the importance of voting. In this context, RJ Pradeepaa and team has released their first-ever RAP video in Kannada to create and spread awareness about the importance of casting the vote

Campaign to Create Awareness

The radio station, which recently underwent a brand revamp with the tagline ‘Yochane Yaake Change Ok’, believes in bringing about a change by adopting a fresh perspective towards socially relevant causes. Taking this thought forward, the radio station has launched “Yochne Yaake Vote ok”, a campaign to create awareness around how every single vote matters.

The campaign takes an interesting route as the radio station has launched an exclusive RAP video with the message about voting that features the ever-popular RJ Pradeepaa singing/belting out his very first RAP song.

92.7 Big FM

Hosting the recently launched show “Full-Time Pass”, RJ Pradeepaa has addressed the pressing need of casting a vote through the entertaining and quirky music video. It conveys the message of contributing towards the development of the state and invites citizens above the age of 18 to take time out and cast their vote as each vote counts.

RJ Pradeepaa’s Message to every Citizen in Bengaluru

Speaking about the importance of casting one’s vote, RJ Pradeepaa said, “Every citizen has the fundamental right to vote and hence, I urge all the people to execute their power by choosing the right leader for our nation by going out there to vote. Although voting is the right thing to do, it has to come from within to utilize this right. All I want to say to everyone is ‘Yochne Yaake, Vote Ok’. We must act responsibly and make an informed decision during the elections. We should do so to ensure a better society around us. Every vote makes a big difference to the country that we wish to see.”

92.7 Big FM

This video, that’s independent of supporting any political parties, essentially focuses to create awareness among people about the significance of voting. Indeed, being a part of the electoral process in the world’s largest democracy. The video, staring technicians and the team at 92.7 BIG FM along with RJ Pradeepaa, went live on social media pages of 92.7 BIG FM Bangalore. Moreover, it has been receiving a positive response from the audience.

Watch the exclusive RAP video here and join the campaign by casting your vote this election season. 

The wait is over! RJ Pradeepaa in his very first Rap Song for this elections!#Bengaluru #YochaneYaakeVoteOk

Posted by 92.7 BIG FM Bangalore on Friday, 12 April 2019




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