This Place Called Rishi’s Serve Mouth-Watering Parathas in Bengaluru And We’re Drooling Here

‘You can never make everyone happy. You are not ‘Aloo Paratha’.

This quote would have helped you to guess the special for today. Aloo Paratha is not just a food but a love story for many. A paratha roasted with lot of ghee that is served with white butter or Makan is a blissful sight for every paratha lover.


If you are looking to get such kind of a treat then come all away to Rishi’s paratha Plaza. This place brings you a wide range of paratha choice. Indeed, it serves the authentic Punjabi style Aloo paratha which is so appealing that one cannot just simply walk away eating the food without saying Awesomeeeeee!

The Menu Of Rishi’s Plaza

Rishi’s paratha has a wide range of choice when it comes to paratha, such as- ajwain paratha, aloo paratha, gobi paratha, onion paratha, mulli paratha, methi paratha, mix paratha, and Golmal paratha,

On the other hand, they serve specialties like paratha, Krak Krak paratha, Bunty Babli paratha Hara bhara pharata, dot dot paratha, and OMG paratha. Parathas here are served with curd and pickle, on an optional side. You can also go with channa masala or boondhi raita.


Parathas here are highly recommended as they are very delicious and pocket-friendly.

Special Parathas

Rishi’s Paratha offers you a surprising mix of western and desi mix recipe, named as Punjabi Cheese Pizza Paratha. Unique by its name, this dish not only satisfies the paratha recipe cravings but also fully satisfy your veg pizza cravings. However, there is one more dish that will surprise you by its name and taste, 50-50 paratha. This is a fusion of both Potato and paneer equally distributed making it mouthwatering enough to take your breath away.

Note: Not just parathas. They serve also some really good sandwiches and other light snacks to munch upon.


Talking about its ambiance, it is a small eatery place by the roadside, neat and clean. Staff is courteous and they bring your meal pretty quick. They have a normal set of tables and chairs where one can sit and enjoy their meal comfortably. There’s nothing much to specify about as it is comfortable enough for one to just step in and have their meal for an affordable price.


Timing: 10 am to 10 pm

Where: 10i, Krishna Complex Bus Stop, Sanjay Nagar Main Road, Ashwath Nagar