Rishab Shetty Completely Ignores Rashmika; Skips her in ‘Kirik Party’ Anniversary Post

Rishabh Shetty shared a slew of pictures to celebrate six years of the Kannada blockbuster Kirik Party. The Kantara star thanked everyone except Rashmika Mandanna in his post.

Six years of Kirik Party

Kantara actor and director Rishab Shetty is on Cloud nine after the success of his film. But before any other films, he enjoyed quite a success after the release of his film, ‘Kirik Party’ which brought him recognition as an elegant filmmaker. Starring Rakshit Shetty, Rashmika Mandanna, and Samyukhta Hegde, the film was considered one of the most successful Kannada films of that year. Recently, it completed six years and the director shared a post celebrating it. But Rishab left one particular actor out of the celebration. And you can guess that easily.


Recently, the Kantara actor took to his Instagram handle to share a lot of pictures from the sets of his iconic film as well as some stills. Several of the snaps showed Rishab Shetty behind the camera and Rakshit Shetty riding a bike in his rugged avatar. Additionally, Shetty penned the caption in Kannada which loosely translated to, “Even after six years of Kirik Party. your noise is still echoing in the ears. Makes me look back again. Thank you to everyone who was part of this celebration!” Rishab Shetty tagged his close friend Rakshit but did not include Rashmika Mandanna, and the internet was quick to point it out, as nothing gets passed the online vigilantes these days.

Netizens React

Responding to the post, one user wrote, referring to Rashmika Mandanna, “Once dead is always dead. Should never remember them. RIP Sanvi. Give respect and take respect. Karma lottery. Hope you will learn from your mistakes. Keep everything aside, at least respect those wonderful people because of whom you called an artist today. Very much annoyed by your attitude Rashmika.”

Another commented, “Happy to see photos without the lady who passed comments without mentioning the names of people who helped her.”