10 Unasked questions on traffic rules brilliantly answered by Bangalore traffic police

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Bangalore Traffic is one of the most discussed topics about the city and without a second thought, Bangalore is known for it. We all have waited in the signals for hours and had been caught by police for one or the other reason. There has been a lot of discussions on this topic. Efforts have been put to curb the growing traffic but unfortunately, it has become an unsolved problem for Bangaloreans from years.

Unfolding the statistics of Bangalore traffic, Mr.Salim, additional commissioner of police (traffic) said,


There are around 44 lakh vehicles in the city with almost one vehicle for every two

As a commuter and the citizen of Bangalore, you might be having questions on Bangalore traffic and few reasonable doubts on the traffic rules imposed on you. Today, we bring you the 10 frequently asked traffic related questions answered by Bangalore traffic police. Let us know the rules better.

What documents should I carry while driving?

Well, this is the most haunting question that we all carry while driving on Bangalore road. There have been circumstances where we get caught by traffic police for not having a proper document and sometimes, we feel that police are finding reasons to collect money from us. So to be on the safer side, always carry driving license/registration certificate, taxation certificate, emission test certificate, insurance certificate and fitness certificate & permit ( in case of transport vehicles)

Bangalore Traffic

Who has an authority to collect the traffic fine on the spot?

Not every police officer has a right to stop you and impose hefty traffic fine. Only a traffic branch officer or above the rank of assistant sub-inspector of police with an authorized receipt book has the right to collect the traffic fine on the spot.



Who is empowered to impose fine for drunken driving?

Firstly, do not drink and drive. As per Bangalore traffic police, there is no spot fine for drunken driving and no officer is empowered to impose spot fine. A police notice will be issued and the court will decide on the fine.

If one doesn’t appear for the court then a warrant will be issued and this may lead to arrest and a hefty penalty of up to Rs.3000/-

Bangalore Traffic

Why do BMTC buses are not penalized by Bangalore traffic police?

Indeed an interesting question. Most of the times we see BMTC buses violating traffic rules and go unpenalized. In reality, police cannot stop BMTC buses on road to collect fine as it creates an inconvenience to other 60 passengers traveling in the bus and moreover this may make a way for road block. So, a notice will be sent to a respective depot manager who becomes liable to pay the fine on-time.


In 2007, a total of 27 lakh was collected from BMTC bus drivers as a fine amount for violating the traffic rules.

Bangalore Traffic

What is the target that traffic police has for the collection of fine?

Even I had this question on my mind till I read this.

“We are neither a revenue earning department nor the amount collected has any correlation to the departmental budget. Fine collected goes to the general revenue of the government. The fact that strict enforcement resulted in more than Rs.35 crore in 2009 is not a matter of pride for the department but the matter of shame and concern for all of us. We will be happy with the fine collection going down if people were to follow rules.”



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Bangalore traffic policemen do not respond in English or Hindi. Why?

The most frequently asked question by a Non-Kannadiga which is fair enough from his/her perspective. However, Bangalore traffic police have an equally fair answer to it.

“While traffic policemen are trained to speak basic words in English as well as Hindi; let us not forget that their mother tongue, as well as official language, is Kannada. On the contrary, if you are a long-term resident of Bengaluru, there is no harm in picking up a bit of Kannada. Life will be much simpler!”

bangalore traffic rules

Do traffic police over charge?

In most cases, police do not over charge. Each officer has a blackberry and if you insist on blackberry receipt then there is no way for you being overcharged.


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Why there are no free lefts at some junctions?

It depends on the width of merging and demerging roads. Free lefts are provided only on those junctions where the pedestrian crossing movement is less.

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What should I do when I met with an accident or a witness to one?

If a person has met with a serious accident then he has to inform the police immediately. Arrange for a medical aid. If you are witness to any accident then help the person in need. Note down the details of the accused before informing the police. It is not allowed for a witness to involve in any kind of anti-social activity.

bangalore traffic rules

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