Remake of Rangitaranga; Audience Unhappy With Vikrant Rona

Kiccha Sudeep is a rescuer of this messy film about murder, monsters, and men. Writer-director Anup Bhandari is still hung up about his previous movie Rangitaranga.

Adventure film

Vikrant Rona is Kichcha Sudeep’s most significant Pan India film. The movie, which is made on a budget of Rs 95 Crore, was released in a 3D format to flavor up the cinematic experience of this action-adventure fantasy drama that hit the screens on July 28.


Written and directed by Anup Bhandari, the movie has been obtaining great spirit from fans and adventure movie lovers. The fabulous cinematography heightens the film, builds atmospheric tension, and completes the narrative, with the gloomy weather doubling up as a character.

The film’s story is set in a haunted place called Kamorottu. The movie starts with the murder of a police officer, and the serial killing of kids follows. Vikrant Rona (Sudeep) is assigned to solve these mysterious deaths. Who is behind all these deaths and how Vikrant Rona finds the serial killer forms the rest of the story.

Rangitaranga hangover

After watching this movie many argue that Sudeep was let down by a story that was nothing but a predictable revenge story. It seems writer-director Anup Bhandari is still hung up about Rangitaranga. Kamarottu, Yakshagana, creepy wells, and spooky night drives -if you have seen the filmmaker’s debut film Rangitaranga you will understand the problem.


Having said that, Sudeep, of course, has saved the film with his brilliant performance. Kiccha Sudeep carried the same swag throughout the film, whether it is action sequences, dialogues, acting, or dance moves.

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