Ratan Tata Arrives At Mumbai’s Taj Hotel In A Nano. Most Humble Man Ever, Says Internet

No fancy cars, no bodyguards- Ratan Tata’s humble arrival at the Taj has touched the hearts of netizens. The industrialist arrived at the hotel in his customized Nano Electric car.

Ratan Tata commutes in a Nano car

Just days ago Ratan Tata shared an inspirational story behind the invention of the budget-friendly Nano car that was launched back in 2008. Now, the Chairman of the Tata Group has left netizens amazed as he arrived at the Taj Hotel in a Tata Nano.


In a video shared on Twitter, Ratan Tata was seen arriving at the Taj in a white Nano without any bodyguards. While he was seated on the co-passenger side, he was being accompanied by his young personal assistant Shantanu Naidu.

Down to earth businessman

Unlike some important businessmen of India, who are generally seen traveling in super luxurious cars, Ratan Tata was seen being driven in the Nano without a single bodyguard escorting him. He was later escorted inside by the hotel staff.

shri Ratan Tata who is carrying the legacy forward

RatanTata arrives in Nano in Taj Hotel without bodyguards. What a great great man. He is an industrialist & not a businessman. Salute. Salute. Salute. ,” read the caption.


This incident has once again attracted the attention of netizens, who lauded him for being such a dignified person despite being one of the richest Indians on the planet. Several netizens also pointed out how the Tata Nano was discarded by several people in India, despite being an engineering wonder and a great example of a cost-efficient vehicle.

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