Shantanu Naidu Shares Two Vital Takeaways About His Boss, Ratan Tata

We all know Shantanu Naidu, he is the 28 year old assistant of Ratan Tata who made it to the headlines with how he got this job and what is the unique idea that propelled him there. Now in an interview with Tata Power’s Siddharth Gaur, he shares how key takeaways from the life of Ratan Tata, the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group.

Full Facts

Number one, he says that Ratan Tata’s acts of kindness are completely selfless in nature. Naidu elaborates that Tata does several good deeds in a day and helps people but never does he have the expectation of getting anything back in return.


“Do it for people who can do nothing for you. Who cannot return it in any form of favour. Acts of kindness should not have an expectation of return. He (Ratan Tata) will just help so many people each day and then totally forget about it,” Naidu said.

Second, he adds that Ratan Tata always keeps his promises. “He keeps all his promises and never goes back on that. He will always deliver when he has given his word, no matter what.”

Shantanu Naidu is one the most popular youngsters of India today. He is a 28 year old and has a job that many want; he is the personal assistant of Ratan Tata and landed in the job with his sheer skill and talent. He holds an MBA from Cornell University, USA.