This is how Ratan Tata ensured his dog did not scare a visitor

Ratan Tata is a Dog lover and this fact is known to all. His most known Dog is ‘Goa’ that is usually there at the Tata headquarters. As a matter of fact, the man has a special kennel built for stray dogs at the global headquarters of Tata Group in Mumbai. Among the dogs ‘Goa’ who spends all day at Ratan Tata’s office as he attends meetings.

A unique story 

Karishma Mehta, founder, and CEO of photoblog ‘Humans of Bombay’, recalled the time when she visited his office and her encounter with Goa.


She is someone who is terrified of dogs. As she waited to meet him, she spotted the dog sitting in the chair next to his. She then whispered to Tata’s executive assistant, Shantanu Naidu, informing him about her fear of dogs.

Ratan Tata overheard them and asked if everything was alright.“A little smile formed on Mr. Tata’s face as he turned to the dog in his chair and spoke to him, like he would to a human being and said, ‘Goa, she’s scared of you, please be a good boy and sit!’ He then turned to me and said, ‘Come!’” Mehta wrote in a LinkedIn post.

For the next 30 to 40 minutes that Mehta spent in Tata’s office, the dog did not go anywhere near her, she said.


In November 2020, Tata, who turned 84 in December last year, had shared a photo with Goa, calling him his “office companion”. Responding to one of the queries on his Instagram post, he wrote: “He was a stray puppy when he got into my colleague’s car in Goa and came all the way to Bombay House. Hence the name Goa.”