Rajesh Tikait Alleges BJP Members Masqueraded As Farmers, Vandalised Delhi On 26 Jan

Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) spokesperson Rakesh Tikait on Friday alleged that BJP leaders and workers masqueraded as farmers and indulged in vandalism in the national capital on January 26 to malign their image.

“Two BJP MLAs came along with 400 people to malign the image of farmers on January 26. They tried to target Sikh people and show them as anti-national. We do not trust the UP government after this,” said Tikait on Friday while addressing media.


He also criticised the Uttar Pradesh government for cutting off the electricity and water supply at the border.

The farmer leader addressed the media in front of the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia. The AAP leader assured the protesting farmers that they will not face any problems related to water and toilets as has been arranged by the Delhi government.

Tikait also said that farmers will not vacate the Ghazipur border. “We will talk to the Government of India about our issues. I urge the people to remain peaceful. Our talks with the government are going on,” he added.


The Ghaziabad District Administration had ordered anti-farm law protestors at the Ghazipur border to vacate the area by late Thursday evening. The administration said if protestors do not act as per order then they will be forcefully evacuated.

Earlier, Delhi Police had issued a notice to Tikait asking him to explain why legal action should not be taken against him for breaching the agreement with police regarding the tractor rally on January 26.

Source: Free Press Journal