Rahul Gandhi Blames Modi Govt For Not Taking Coronavirus Threat Seriously

After targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi over unemployment issues, the Congress leader is back on his new tune blaming the government over coronavirus threat.

Rahul’s concern over Coronavirus threat

The former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has called coronavirus outbreak a notably serious threat to India as he blamed the government for not dealing with it thoughtfully.


source: onhealth

The death losses in China’s coronavirus fury continues to increase day by day. Till now the numbers have stretched up to 1,113 with 97 new inevitabilities reported mostly in the worst-affected Hubei area. In the meantime, the confirmed cases of the virus have also jumped to 44,653.

Stressing to take actions

With the threat of unusual coronavirus approaching large, the former Congress chief also stressed the need to take timely effort.

source: ANI

“The coronavirus is an extremely serious threat to our people and our economy. My sense is the government is not taking this threat seriously,” Rahul Gandhi wrote on Twitter.