BS Yediyurappa’s Govt May Enforce Quota For Kannadigas In Private Sector

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Karnataka Government is now looking to bring a law that will provide employment opportunities to Kannadigas in the state. Seeing the locals’ demand over the reservation, BS Yediyurappa may invoke the law to make industrial units give primacy to Kannadigas in blue-collar jobs.

BS Yediyurappa’s reservation idea

Government officials have ordered that; after the rule comes into play, all the industries housed in Karnataka have to obey the new order. However, various industrialists are against the idea of reservation as they feel locals prefer other options that pay them more.

One of the Chairman of the private sector told in a report, “We don’t find enough locals who are willing to take up jobs like janitorial and security services. It is people from the Northeast and eastern parts of India who take up these jobs. The reason behind this is locals prefer other options that pay them more.”

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Previous, Law Minister J C Madhuswamy told that the government cannot “order” industries to give jobs only to Kannadigas. The rules do not apply to the IT sector, which has been excused. The private-sector jobs should be reserved for localities and have become a rallying point for pro-Kannada groups that are imposing pressure on the authorities.

More Jobs for Kannadigas in State

It was the last week that the cabinet decided to amend the Karnataka Industrial Employment Rules, 1961, to provide for some relief to Kannadigas in employment in the private sector. The amendment describes a Kannadiga as one who has been residing in Karnataka for 15 years and who can read and write Kannada.

source: newsindiaexpress

It is the best time for the government as it has the full potential to invoke the law for all Kannadigas in the state. One of the best things is that the law is also applicable to firms that do not sop from the state government. Therefore, the government can easily intervene in private companies if a complaint is referred to as the labor commissioner.




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