12 Types of Kannadigas You meet in your Daily Run, especially in Bengaluru

types of kannadigas

Wherever you go and whomever you meet in any part of this world, when we say Kannadigas then there are words of respect, gratitude, and loads of love. As a Kannadiga, I take all the pride of being a part of this beautiful land and culture which has a history and glory that dates back to years and years. They are proud of their language, lifestyle, culture, food and the very way they lead their life. Kannadigas are always known for their large heart attitude and nowhere in the history, they were pointed to a nugatory frame of mind.

types of kannadigas
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However, of late it so happened that a line has been drawn and today, we have Kannadigas of all types and kinds. The situation has become such that we really need to put efforts to find a true Kannadiga who is lost in the crowd of people being possessive and illogical. This holds true in Bengaluru more than in any other parts of Karnataka. My Kannada is flourishing like anything and if the language is alive then it is in places like Tumkur, Mysuru, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Mandya and in other districts and taluks. We all love Kannada but somewhere we have limited ourselves to get identified as one among these types of Kannadigas.

Note: This does not hold good for an individual but only to a group of people subject to certain situations and circumstances.

Types of Kannadigas we meet in our Daily run

#1 November Kannadigas

We know that on the first of November, Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated across the state with all grandiosity and majesty. It is the day when we remember and applauds the glory of Kannada and Karnataka. We hoist the flag and feel so proud to be a part of this blessed land but for few people, it is only limited to that day. The very next day, that enthusiasm shrinks and it will only take its shape on the next November 1st.

Our love for the language and state has to be always ON. As a popular quote goes, “Don’t be a November Kannadiga, be a No.1 Kannadiga”, our pride for Kannada should not get limited to a day or to an event.

“Elladaru Iru, Entaadaru Iru, Endendigu Nee Kannadavaagiru.” – Rashtra Kavi Kuvempu.

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#2 Facebook Kannadigas

This is an interesting category of people who boast their Kannada love on Social media channel like Facebook. In a way, it is a good platform to promote the language but few people take this to its extreme adversity. They quarrel on unnecessary issues and rumors which in reality makes no sense at all. These so-called ‘Facebook Kannadigas’ have no checkpoint and they go On and On without barriers.

One day I met a friend of this kind with an expectation that he will help me with Kannada literature. When asked about Poorna Chandra Tejaswi, he had no clue about him in any way. For a second, I thought that he is not a book lover but I was flabbergasted at his language. He spoke like ‘Hanna’ for ‘Anna’ and ‘Oova’ for ‘Hoova’. LOL and he acts like ‘ The Father of Kannada language ’ on Facebook. Well!


#3 Movie Buff Kannadigas

Have you seen ‘OM’ movie or didn’t you watch ‘Eddelu Manjunatha?’ Then you are not a Kannadiga.

I never knew that the love for Kannada is assessed based on the Kannada movies I watch until I came to Bengaluru. A movie is just a part of the language but there are people who think that it is THE ultimate thing to judge the patriotism of a Kannadiga. And if you watch a movie of another language then your love for Kannada is at stake. Trust me, these are the same people who have watched Bahubali 1 & 2 and waiting for Rajnikanth’s next movie.

types of kannadigas

#4 Bengaluru born / based Confused Kannadigas

They are confused because of so many situations they go through in their daily run. Bengalurians are so kind and nice that they learn Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and even Marathi to help their fellow friend feel comfortable in the city. If they would have said ‘Hindi Gotilla’ or ‘Tamil Gotilla’ then the situation would have been otherwise in the city.

On the other hand, there are people who enforce Non-Kannadigas to learn Kannada but nowhere, they put efforts to teach them Kannada (exceptions excluded). I almost died when I heard a native Bengalurian speaking like “Yeno Maga, Hoota Aayta? En Hobne Bandidya? Baa Hanna Tinnuvante.” Well!

types of kannadigas

#5 Hesitant Kannadigas

It is so sad that there are Kannadigas who hesitate to speak Kannada at public places. The situation is like they will be talking in Kannada and the moment they enter Pub or Cafe, they switch to English even though the waiter is able to converse in Kannada. These types of Kannadigas are a danger to the language.


#6 Protest loving Kannadigas

Whenever the pride of language is at stake or if a situation demands a protest then it is allowed to go for it. However, there are people who are misusing it for all the reasons. In the last decade, have we solved any of our problems with a mere protest? No. Still, the Mahadayi issue is unresolved and so is the Cauvery issue for a reason. These are the people who just want a reason to mess up the things.

types of kannadigas

#7 Emotional Kannadigas

Indians are largely driven by emotions and Kannadigas are not an exception to it. When it comes to language and culture, we have people around who can go to any extent. This is good in a positive way but in the long run, emotion will take its back seat because the reality is a reality.

#8 Hyper Kannadigas

This category of people is talkative but not productive. They boast, bluster, bombast but when it comes to work and movement, they back out. Generally, they are hyper in nature and I wish their hyperactive attitude would have reflected in their work too.

#9 ‘I don’t know Kuvempu’ kind of Kannadigas

Being a Kannadiga, if one doesn’t know Kuvempu or Gnana Peetha Awardees then the very base of his / her love for Kannada is at stake. How can one live in Karnataka without having a clue about the Rashtra Kavi of the state? If you don’t believe then watch this video. We are referring to these types of Kannadigas

#10 Kannada learning Non-Kannadigas

All Non-Kannadigas are not the same. I have so many friends who have learned the language and are willing to learn, at least. Meet Sakshi Gaggar, a fourth-year student of Visual Communication Design at the Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology in Bengaluru, who have designed a visually astonishing way to learn Kannada in the city.

Continue reading – A Non-Kannadiga in Bengaluru designs a New Way to Learn Kannada

#11 Kannadigas of Past

It is very rare to find people like Kuvempu, Bendre, Karanth, Tejaswi, Lankesh, Sir M. Vishweshwaraiah, General Kariyappa or even their glimpse in present Kannadigas. It is truly a dream to find these type of Kannadigas in today’s time (Exceptions excluded).

types of kannadigas

#12 True Kannadigas

Are you a true Kannadiga? Well, you need to ask this question to yourself. There are so many true Kannadigas living among us doing their best for the language, in silence. We take this opportunity to salute them with all heart and love.

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