The Count Of Migrants In Bengaluru Cross 50% Of The City Population

Migrations in Bengaluru crossed 50% of the total city population. A census as per 2011 showed that out of 96.2 lakh total population in the state, 44.3 lakh people are categorized as migrants. And surprisingly, half of the population in Bengaluru (50.6%) are classified as migrants, and the largest share of migrants are reported from Tamil Nadu.

Migrants from different states

Capital of Karnataka is a favorite place for people who are looking for IT jobs. It is also home for many startups and global technology companies which makes it a room full of space for getting jobs easily. Because of this, migrants from other states land in the state of Karnataka in search of the job. Making it no surprise, most of these migrants are from the neighboring states. As per the census, 5.2 lakh migrants were from Tamil Nadu, 3.6 Lakh were from Andra Pradesh and Telangana, and 1.7 lakh people from Kerala.


However, the next highest numbers of migrants other than Southern states is Rajasthan. The survey of 2011 shows that there are 82,468 people form the Rajasthan living in the city and most of them come to the state capital on work, and 10% look for establishing their own business. After Rajasthan, the 2011 census also shows Jharkhand, Tripura, and Manipur to have the highest growth rate of migrants.

The largest share of Migrants to the cities are from other places in Karnataka

Smaller cities like Gulbarga and Chitradurga have also seen growing migrants in the city. Since 2001 these cities have seen more than 15% of growth rate, but in this case, migrants were from within the state. Most cities in the state may have more than 50% of migrants from a different state, but when it comes to undercounting the migrates within the state, the percentage is more than 90% which is very shocking.

For example, the city of Mysuru has a total population of 9.2 lakh people out of which 4.5 lakh (48%) are reported to be migrants. In the total number of migrants on record, 90% of them are migrated from within the state and only 10% come from another state. Apart from the majority of internal migrants, there were people from Maharastra, Andra Pradesh, and Rajasthan recognized as other states migrants.