These Quirky posts explaining Bangalore life from A to Z is Something We All Relate To

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Bengaluru is not just an another city and the life here is more versatile than any other city of India. So, we thought to explain Bangalore life from A-Z through these quirky posts. We hope that you will relate to every bit of it. So, here we go.

Quirky posts explaining Bangalore life from A to Z

A for Alladsu

Bengaluru with the fame of having the most number of pubs in Asia, the city is blessed with the incredible rock pubs like Toit, Pecos, Monkey bar, Bootlegger, and others. You are not a Bangalorean if you have not tasted at least a pint of beer. It doesn’t mean that you need to drink to be a true Bangalorean but the city is known for worldly pubs and bars. So, A for Alladsu which means just to shake.

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B for Bonda and Bhajji

Bangalore and Karnataka, in particular, is the best place on this globe to relish the delicious Bonda and Bhajji. If you go to Vijayanagar, Attiguppe, Rajajinagar, and RR Nagar you will find food points that will quench your thirst for Bonda and Bhajji. So, B for Bonda and Bhajji, the tangy snack item of Karnataka.

Also relevant: Brigade Road, BMTC.

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C for Culture and Chitranna

The city is so rich in its culture that it is identified and applauded in all parts of the world. From Rajyotsava celebrations to Ganesh Utsava, Bengaluru is one city where you will have events lined up in all the genres like music, art, comedy, workshops, and etc. So, C for Culture and Chitranna (lemon rice).

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D for Dose

You will never find a hotel in Bengaluru that doesn’t serve the yummy Doses. From Masala Dose, Plain Dose, Onion Dose, Set Dose, Paper Dose, Rava Dose to Mysore Masala Dose and Onion Rava Dose, the city has numerous Dose options for you. So, D for Dose and kindly note that it is not Dosa.

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E for Engineer

In Bengaluru, every fifth person you talk to is an Engineer. Interesting thing is that the city has the state’s best Engineering colleges that invite students from all parts of the country.

Observation: 80% of Engineers will end up choosing a different career path and they either become writers or pursue MBA. So, E for Engineer is the best suit for Bengaluru.

bangalore life

F for FM Channels

You are not a Bangalorean if you haven’t tuned Radio channels. Bengaluru has the most entertaining Radio channels with the best RJ’s on the mic. So, F for FM Radio City, Sakkath Hot Maga!

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G for Gardens

The Garden City of India is well-known for its lavishing greenery around. From Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, The Coles Park, Carippa Memorial Park, to Bugle Rock Park, Lumbini Gardens, Bengaluru is enthroned with beautiful gardens. So, G for Gardens.

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H for Honking

Have you experienced people honking in the signals? It happens only in Bengaluru. With traffic congestion hitting the peak, honking has become the nightmare for Bengalurians. So, H for Honking.

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I for IT

It is nevertheless to mention that Bengaluru is the IT capital of the country. Bengaluru means IT and IT means Bengaluru.

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J for Java

We all know that Bengaluru is a multilingual city but with the most number of Engineers, Java has become the official language of Bengaluru which can be understood only by techies. So, J for Java.

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K for Kannad Gothilla

It has become so common in Bengaluru that every Non-Kannadiga’s common dialogue is ‘I don’t know Kannad.’ Let me take this moment to request everyone to learn the language of the city, at least the basic words and phrases.

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L for Leg Piece

Bengaluru has the rich population of Non-Vegetarians and most of the hotels in the areas like Rajajinagar, Vijayanagar, and Channasandra serves the best Non-Veg food in the city. So, this goes to all Non-Vegetarians of Bengaluru.

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M for Majestic

The Majestic bus station is one place in Bengaluru which is always crowded and moving. The central bus hub of the city with the largest metro station, Majestic is city’s pride.

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N for Nandi Hills

The Most visited place and the perfect Weekend Gateway of Bangalore, Nandi Hills is one place which is a must visit. Also, the first name that comes to mind when asked or thought about Sunday morning plan is Nandi Hills.

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O for Orion Mall

A hangout place and a shopping center of Bengaluru, Orion Mall is one of the crowded Malls in the city. So, let us say O for Orion Mall.

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P for Pothole

Every rain of Bengaluru tests the infrastructure of the city. Potholes are one big worry that every Bengalurian is concerned about. So, without a second thought, P stands for Pothole.

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Q for Queue

Bengaluru and Queue make a perfect pair. Be it is a traffic signal, ATMs (after demonetization), you see people standing in a queue and so Q for Queue perfectly explains the Bengaluru life.

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R for Rain

When it rains in Bengaluru, the city open to its new galore. Weather of Bengaluru is one thing that has never disappointed us. Full marks for Bengaluru monsoons and R for Rain, Bengaluru rain.

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S for Slang

Bengaluru slang words are so rich and sarcastic that it has become a part of a Bengaluru life.

Know popular words used in Bangalore and their meaning

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T for Traffic Jam

It is needless to explain the dark side of Bengaluru traffic, T for Traffic Jam and Thug life Bengaluru.

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U for UB City

UB City is the biggest commercial project that has four towers namely UB Tower, Cormet, Canberra, and Concorde. Pioneered by the UB group in a joint venture with Prestige group, UB City is the city’s biggest attraction.

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V for Vada Sambar

If you are a South Indian then you will love the Vada Sambar served in Bengaluru, however, be prepared to differentiate ‘Separate ah’ and ‘Dip ah’.

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W for Wonandaff

If you travel in Auto then you know this typical slang word used by Autowalas in Bengaluru. So, W for Wonandaff.

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X for Xtraaa

Bengaluru’s cost of living and the jugaad of renting a home itself explains the pain of paying Xtraaa. In every aspect, X for Xtraaa is the best suit for Namma Bengaluru.

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Y for Yaaa

Come ya, Go Ya, Yes Ya, You know ya are the most commonly used English in Bengaluru and so Y goes for Yaaa.

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Z for Zandu Balm

With more responsibility to earn and lead the life, you may need Zandu Balm to just relieve your headache. It is a must have product for the ones who travel from silk board junction.

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