KGF Director Prashanth Neel Applauds The Making Of Ond Kathe Hella


Being South India’s first horror anthology, Ond Kathe Hella saw its release on March 8th. It is an experimental movie for KFI and so far, the responses have been positive for the movie. On the other hand, Ond Kathe Hella has also impressed the critics to bag some motivating reviews.

Although the movie might not have witnessed a great reach however it has managed to impress Prashanth Neel. Yes, KGF and Uggram director has liked the making of Ond Kathe Hella. As per the source, Prashanth Neel has given thumbs up to the story of Ond Kathe Hella and the way it is presented on the screen. (Source: filmibbeat)


A word of appreciation of this kind coming from a filmmaker like Prashanth Neel has given a great morale boost to the team of OKH. Also, a few other celebrities like Krishi Thapanda, Dolly Dhananjay have spoken positively about the movie.

ond kathe hella

Speaking to an online website called fug off, director Girish said, “Kannada audiences are some of the best in the country, as they support new ideas and talents more than the other industry people, but the one problem here is that they wait for one week for the film review or for the film to make some noise.”

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It becomes important to support content-driven movies. If the audience does not come to theatres in the first week then the film will not stay in the theatres. Not every filmmaker will be good at marketing or carry enough budget to impress you with their promotional campaigns. And not every movie will have a super-star as a driving force to pull you to the theatre.


Ond Kathe Hella as a subject and as a story is getting a positive response from people who have watched the movie. Do check out BookMyShow Reviews. So, if you find time then please do watch it at your nearest theatres and encourage the new talents.