The Trailer Of Ond Kathe Hella Looks Super Intriguing With Great Visuals And Killer BGM

ond kathe hella

When was the last time you have watched a Kannada movie which is an anthology? Exactly! How about a Horror anthology? We bet you haven’t because it is a very rare genre which is presented in the form of a movie. Puttanna Kanagal’s ‘Katha Sangama’ was the first movie to have tried anthology in the Kannada film industry. Anthology in genre fiction is a collection of stories, each featuring unrevealed casts of characters and settings put out in a single volume or publication.

In the recent past, the Kannada film industry has opened itself to a new genus of movies giving us an experience of the off-beat kind. The art of story-telling has taken a new leap and to add much more excitement to it, here comes a movie titled Ond Kathe Hella. It is the first horror anthology of South Indian cinemas and the trailer looks super intriguing.

ond kathe hella

Trailer Of Ond Kathe Hella

Ond Kathe Hella looks like a journey of five stories narrated through five different characters. It opens with a flash of characters backed by a gripping BGM which creates a peculiar sense of curiosity. As it holds your attention, a philosophy unfolds which revolves around Einstein’s theory of energy leaving an open-ended question mark. The trailer has sensual cuts running at a faster phase thus prompting us to think and perceive.

Cinematography stands out and visuals speak for themselves. Overall, the trailer of Ond Kathe Hella is an enthralling package of killer BGM, sensual editing, and the clue to an interesting story which is yet to unravel.

Ond Kathe Hella is written and directed by Girish.G with music by Ronada Bakkesh and Karthik C. Rao. The film stars Thandav Ram, Shakthi Somanna, Pratheek, Thara, Priyanka in the lead roles. It is a crowdfunding movie produced under the banner ‘Petas Cine Cafe’ and has cinematography by Keertan Poojary.

ond kathe hella

So, we loved the trailer of Ond Kathe Hella. How about you? Do let us know what you think about it in the comments below.



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