South India’s First Horror Anthology With Five Stories Is All Set To Hit The Theatres Tomorrow

ond kathe hella

Backed by a unique concept and a tag of being South India’s first horror anthology, ‘Ond Kathe Hella’, a Kannada movie is all set for its release. The movie has already created a lot of curiosity with its posters, trailers, and songs. It is for the very first time, a Kannada movie is coming with five stories in it in a horror genre. Puttanna Kanagal’s ‘Katha Sangama’ was the first movie to have tried anthology in the Kannada film industry. However, Ond Kathe Hella is first of this kind in horror category.

ond kathe hella

One Story, Twenty Minutes

Ond Kathe Hella is a story which is said to be about ‘Human Corpse’ which questions your logical mind. It revolves around the various superstitions and myths related to ghost stories unraveling the truth at the end. The movie has five stories and each story lasts for 20 minutes with a different level of feel and shade.

Get Ready For An Unique Experience

Anthology by itself is an interesting genre to watch. However, the horror element has added a much-needed curiosity to Ond Kathe Hella movie. So, are you ready for a unique experience? If yes then please book your tickets to Ond Kathe Hella today and enjoy this unique Cinema at your nearest theatres.

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