“PM Modi is not scared to eat Biryani in Pakistan but gets scared to roam within India” – Kanhaiya Kumar

Activist turned politician, Kanhaiya Kumar in a recent Bahujana Samvad or a group discussion organized in Goa by the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee has lashed out at the BJP and its leader PM Modi.

In the backdrop of the PM Security Breach incident, he has commented that PM Modi does not get scared to go and eat Biryani in Pakistan but he gets scared to roam within India. Kumar further went on to highlight various social issues in the nation where he commented that the PM wants all money to be in the hands of a few of his rich friends but the majority of the people in the country are getting poorer and poorer.


He claimed that the promise of Double Engine growth made by the ruling party in the center is a hoax and a lie very similar to the product Fair and Lovely which does not work. On the issue of the rising fuel prices, he said that “fuel which costs 32 rupees is sold at 100+ rupees. The profit is spent on Modi’s suit-boot!”.

He highlighted his views on democracy and said “Men and Women must have equal political and economic rights. People who work hard must be able to hold their heads high in a democracy.”

With respect to the rising cases of COVID, he commented the ruling party in the center holds huge rallies but frames different rules for others. After spreading COVID they make common people sit at home. He bought the poll-bound states of Goa and highlighted that a state as small as Goa also has faced an oxygen shortage at the hands of the BJP Govt.


Kanhaiya Kumar was an activist turned politician when he joined the CPI Party and even contested polls. He later joined the Congress party and is currently seen campaigning for them in poll-bound states across India.