PM Modi Doesn’t Behave Like Prime Minister: Rahul Gandhi On “Tube light” Jibe

source: ani

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi finally speaks up about Modi’s tube light jibe. The former Congress president has said that the Prime Minister is intentionally diverting people’s attention and does not behave like India’s leader.

Rahul breaks silence over Tube LIght Jibe

Previously, taking a jibe on ‘Danda’ comment, PM Modi trolled the Congress leader by calling him a tube light. The entire parliament was in chuckles as the PM mocked Rahul Gandhi.


“Usually, a prime minister has a special status, a prime minister has an appropriate way of behaving, a particular stature, our prime minister doesn’t have these. He does not behave in a prime ministerial way,” Rahul complains outside the parliament.

source: twitter

PM running away from the real issues

The Waynad MP further claimed that the PM was running away from the real issues. He said that earlier the government would argue about making India a $5 trillion economy and Make in India, but now Mr. Modi was trying to distract by talking about other unnecessary issues.

source: ANI

“The Prime Minister is diverting people from actual issues by talking about Jawaharlal Nehru, Pakistan and Bangladesh,” Mr. Gandhi said.


“Talk about the main issue Prime Minister. Inform the youth what you are doing about jobs … His technique is to divert the country. He had said two crore jobs will be given to youngsters, but five-and-a-half years have flown. Last year 1 crore youth lost jobs, he is unable to say a thing,” he said.