Meet This Congress Leader Who Couldn’t Hide His Laughter During PM Modi’s Tube Light Comment


Early this week, the former Congress president Rahul Gandhi had attacked Prime Mister Narendra Modi and had warned him of consequence due to youths’ unemployment anger. Taking a jibe on him, PM Modi trolled the Congress leader in many ways to outplay Mr. Gandhi’s intensity. The entire parliament was in giggles as the PM referred the Congress leader as a tube light. Sitting at the opposition, the Congress backyard couldn’t hide the laughter as well.

A burst of laughter in the parliament 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech in the Lok Sabha today, took several mockeries at Rahul Gandhi. At one point, PM Modi hinted that Rahul Gandhi is a ‘tube light’.

source: youtube

It all happened when Rahul Gandhi rose to make an intervention when the PM almost ended his speech. The Prime Minister said, “I was speaking for the last 30-40 minutes but it took this long for the current to reach there. Many tube light is like this.”

Congress too couldn’t hide the giggles

PM Modi’s humor and quick-witted sarcasm left the house tapping on the bench and splitting their sides with laughter. The Congress backyard couldn’t hide for much longer as they too joined the laughter party.

Amongst a few of them was Congress MP, Kodikunnil Suresh, who also couldn’t cover his laughter when PM Modi referred Rahul Gandhi as a tube light. The Congress leader, who held the seat right next to the Rahul Gandhi burst into laughter when Modi threw a joke on Wayanad MP.

source: youtube

The MP’s laugh couldn’t trick PM Modi for much longer. The PM was quick to see Mr. Suresh and almost immediately taunted him for laughing at his boss.

“Why is Sureshji giggling?” asked Modi immediately pulling everyone’s attention towards the Congress MP. “There is some secret”, said Modi, laughingly telling the MP that ‘one day even he will get the opportunity” (Modi is heard mocking K Suresh- 24.25 minutes)



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