Plot To Finish Me: Mamata Banerjee Decides To Single Out Amit Shah

Since the Nandigram fracas, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s ‘paranoid’ about a ‘deep-seated’ conspiracy is becoming more pronounced in her outlandish claims. Addressing a string of rallies at Bankura, she claimed that Union Home Minister Amit Shah was conspiring against her and wondered whether the BJP had hatched a plot to get her killed.

‘’Is the BJP hatching a conspiracy to kill me? They have even removed my director, security, she claimed as per wire agency PTI.


and that he wanted to ‘kill her’.

‘’Will the Home Minister run the country or decide who will get arrested or beaten up; or will he decide who will chase whom? Who is running the Election Commission? I hope it is not you, Amit Shah? We want a free and fair election. He is intervening in the day to day working of the EC,’’ the chief minister charged, momentarily forgetting that the EC is an autonomous constitutional body.

Harping on her poll mantra ‘Khela Hobe,’ Mamata said if the BJP thinks that it could win the election by breaking her leg, then they were wrong. To debunk BJP’s claim that she only believes in molly-coddling the minorities, after ‘Chandi Path’, the TMC supremo made it a point to recite the ‘Durga Path.’


Asking the people to desist from violence, Mamata urged that women should lead the poll battle against the ‘outsider’ (BJP). Women lead the family, now they will avenge the violence of the BJP, she asserted.

Slamming the Central government, Mamata Banerjee claimed that the BJP dispensation didn’t help the Trinamool Congress during the Covid crisis.

“If BJP comes to power the pain will be unbearable. Everything will be sold. If BJP comes to power, you will lose all your rights, all banks will close. During the COVID crisis a single rupee wasn’t disbursed. I have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to supply more vaccines so that everyone in West Bengal can be vaccinated ahead of polls, but it has been of no avail,” alleged the West Bengal Chief Minister requesting people of Bankura to vote in favour of the TMC.


Source: Free Press Journal