Over 45 Elephants Electrocuted In West Bengal In Last 5 Years, Says Report

West Bengal

In a piece of shocking news coming from the state of West Bengal, close to 40 elephants in the state have been electrocuted since the year 2015.

The state forest department data revealed that at least 47 elephants were electrocuted since 2015. Out of that, 22 were killed in South Bengal while 25 were killed in Northern Bengal. Ahead of this report, the state government of Bengal has already planning to insulate low-tension wires in the elephant corridors. The establishment is also planning to install energized electrical fences with a lesser voltage in a couple of places where elephant mobilization is more.


The steps by the state came after the Calcutta High Court took the suo-moto cognizance in the month of September after the reports of electrocution of elephants in the state and immediately ordered to stop elephant deaths in the state.

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Several Animal-Human Conflict

The state of West Bengal has been dealing with the severe conflict between animals and humans, especially in the last five years. Between the years 2014 to 2019, West Bengal alone accounted for the highest number of people killed by tigers and also second-highest by elephants. The official of the state forest department said,

“At least 584 people were killed by wild animals in the state between 2015 and 2020 [till October 31]. In the first phase at least 434 people would be provided with the jobs of home guards. To date villagers killed by elephants used to get a compensation of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. We have taken a policy decision that henceforth we will provide a member of the victim’s family a job of the home guard.”

Currently, the state of West Bengal is home to several elephants and tigers, 700 elephants and 100 tigers to be approximate. The government has also offered jobs to the families who have lost their kin by the wild animals.



Source: The Logical Indian