‘Can’t Stop me forever’, Mamata Banerjee After MEA Refused Her Rome Trip

This Time Didi seems unstoppable after she was rejected from the proposal of visiting Rome on a peace conference. After her Delhi Darshan she has been active in forming a coalition with other opposition parties to contest elections against the mighty saffron party, however the dream to actively participate in international politics is far away from her reach. Upon rejection of a proposal by the ministry of external affairs she openly calls upon her resisting force to stop suppressing her from playing open politics and she has no intent to stop soon.

Mamata Banerjee Fumes In An Open Rally

Mamata Banerjee reacted sharply to being denied permission by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to attend the World Peace Conference at the Vatican in Rome. The event is scheduled in October this year. On the campaign trail for the Bhabanipur Assembly by-election on September 30, Banerjee said, “How many places will you (Centre) not let me visit? You can’t stop me forever.”


The MEA denied her permission to attend the conference saying the “event is not commensurate in status for participation by the chief minister of a state”. This very statement fumed didi and she alleges that the saffron party deliberately denied her from the international visit and called up openly to elect her party to win the by-elections.


Mamata at the rally

What An Irony, Mamata At A Peace Conference

The World Peace Conference was scheduled to be held over two days, on October 6 and 7, in the Italian capital. Pope Francis will grace the event centered around Mother Teresa along with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also among the dignitaries invited to the conference.

Banerjee is the only leader from India to have received an invitation, which was extended in recognition of her humanitarian efforts for the society. She is also supposed to deliver a speech at the conference. However, she cannot attend the event without clearance from the MEA.