Oil prices crashed while you destabilised MP says Rahul Gandhi to PMO

Rahul Gandhi never misses an opportunity to take a dig at PM Modi and this time it came in the form of criticizing the debacle in Madhya Pradesh. Gandhi’s main concern was that the PM ignored the state of oil prices. He said that the oil market went through a “35% crash in global oil prices” but noticed that BJP was too busy destabilizing MP.

Gandhi asked the Centre to bring the petrol prices under the Rs 60-mark as it may “help boost the stalled economy”.

“Hey @PMOIndia (Prime Minister’s office), while you were busy destabilizing an elected Congress Govt, you may have missed noticing the 35% crash in global oil prices. Could you please pass on the benefit to Indians by slashing #petrol prices to under 60? per liter? Will help boost the stalled economy,” Rahul Gandhi swiftly tweeted.

Just a day before, 22 MLAs gave their resignation in Madhya Pradesh which most likely will end up collapsing Kamal Nath’s government.

Oil companies also announced a cut of Rs 2.69 and Rs 2.33 in petrol and diesel prices respectively. Following the announcement, the petrol price has been revised to Rs 70.29 and diesel to Rs 63.01 per liter in Delhi.

Saudi Arabia and others from OPEC pushed last week to reduce output further to save up prices amid slumping demand due to the new coronavirus.

However, Moscow, the world’s second-largest oil producer blocked that move and signaled that an alliance with OPEC was aimed at supporting the unraveling market.

However, Brent crude rates have recouped nearly half of Monday’s loss. Brent crude futures rose $1.26, or 3.4%, to $38.48 a barrel on Wednesday.