No Fuels Needed : This Startup Is Literally Flinging Rockets Into Air !

Our world is powering towards a startup driven technological era with a lot of inventions stimulating it’s process. Today one of the unique private players propelling the dreams of space science is Elon Musk’s SpaceX but some more newcomers are stepping into this field with unique ideas. A startup which is proving to be a real competition for Musk and his company. This startup wants to slingshot rockets into Earth’s orbit. Called “SpinLaunch,” the startup has developed a unique launchpad to launch rockets in orbit.

Launching Rockets Or FireWorks?

Using a suborbital accelerator that is larger than the Statue of Liberty, rockets could be sent into space in a more sustainable way in the near future. Current methods launch rockets into orbit vertically and use a lot of fuel. SpinLaunch claims that this acceleration-dependent method will be more environmentally sustainable and less expensive. The first prototype of the SpinLaunch suborbital accelerator was first seen last month near Spaceport America in New Mexico.



spin launcher

How Does This Actually Work?

Inside a suborbital accelerator lies a span vacuum chamber within which lies a massive rotating arm. This arm employs the power of kinetic energy to spin the rocket multiple times the speed of sound. When the intended speed is reached, it is let go and shot off quickly into the air. According to SpinLaunch, the first launch was able to propel the rocket at supersonic speeds, while using only 20 per cent of the accelerator’s total power. In addition, an altitude of tens of thousands of feet was reached via this accelerator.

The current design of the suborbital accelerator by SpinLaunch is just a test prototype for its larger-than-life Orbital Launch System, which has no timeline set for release yet. SpinLaunch will conduct a series of tests with different vehicles throughout 2022 – with 30 suborbital test flights expected to take off from just Spaceport America itself. A Creative project isn’t it?



Source : The frepress Jounal