Indian Army’s BM 21 Rocket Launcher Fires In A Thunderous Display – 240 Rockets in 60 Seconds

Indian Army showed the county’s mighty power for which Pakistan would like to take a closer look. In the video footage, the Indian army is seen firing BM-21 Grad Battery in Nasik’s Deolali. These powerful batteries of six launchers hold the capability to fire 40 tubes, 240 rockets and can fire within 60 seconds.

The mighty BM-21

In a military practice held in Nasik’s Deolali, the Indian army fired the Russian made BM-21 Grad battery in a thunderous way. According to a report,  the six launchers could be seen firing multiple tubes within seconds in the visuals. This Russian multiple launcher rocket system has a firing range of 20-45 kilometers and a caliber of 122 mm. They are used by several countries including Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Qatar and more.


In this video, the Indian Army can be seen with six BM-21 Grad Battery which has 40 tubes with a total of 240 rockets. Amazingly all the rockets were fired within 60 seconds which is truly remarkable. This system is more commonly known as a Grad multiple rocket launcher systems. However, this military power display would have brought goosebumps to the enemy and would dare to even think of attacking the country.

Social media is going crazy after this firepower by Indian army, Tweets are coming from all over the country praising the Indian army’s strength.