Pakistani Minister Who Misspelled The Word ‘Satellite’ Is Hoping to Send its first Astronaut By 2022

source: twitter

Pakistan Minister on Science and technology Fawad Chaudhry has asserted that its country would send its first astronaut into space by 2022 using a Chinese rocket. Fawad is the same guy who was trolled earlier for spelling ‘Satellite’ as ‘Sattelite’.

Pak minister misspells ‘Satellite’ as ‘Sattelite’

After Chandrayaan 3 Lander ‘Vikram’ lost its contact just 2 km away from attempting a soft landing on the Lunar Orbit. Chaudhry, whose eyes were all glued in his TV, was watching Indias’s lunar mission very closely. As soon as ISRO lost its contact with the lander the Pak minister jumped off his seat and tweeted on his phone trolling India on its failure. However, while twitting he was in such a hurry that he misspelled ‘Satellite’ as ‘Sattelite’.



His tweet read, “Modi g is giving Bhashan on Sattelite communication as he is an astronaut and not politician, Lok Sabha should ask him QS on wasting 900 crore Rs of a poor nation.”

Soon after this tweet social media spotted his mistake and trolled the minister for his blunder. Some Pakistani users also stepped forward to educate Chaudhry for his mistake.

Pak’s next astronaut mission 

After a week now the same minister has informed that his country will send their first astronaut to space by 2022 with the help of its close ally China. He has also said that the selection process will kick start in the year 2020 and initially 50 individuals will be selected. However, out of the selected candidates, 25 will be cut short by 2022 for the further training process. And out of them only one would be sent to space.


Chaudhry said its all-time ally China would collaborate with Pakistan in its space mission and the Pakistan Air Force would play an important role in the selection process of the astronaut.

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