Neighbours welcome recovered Covid patients with full glee and love


Mumbai’s first batch of covid patients have recovered and discharged and now they have come home. They were worried about how they would be received by their neighbors but the whole ordeal was pleasantly great!

The couple- the husband who is in his 70s and his wife who is 68, went to Dubai for a group tour and when they came back, they tested positive for coronavirus which has now claimed the lives of 21,000 people globally.

The couple said when they got back, they were greeted nicely by their neighbors as they offered to cook them lunch and dinner as well. The couple also said they had been awed by the support of the BMC.

On Wednesday morning, members from the ward office landed at their house and sanitized it. “We were made to wait in another room as they cleaned the rooms. They have also assured us of any help, including buying medicines during the lockdown. The officials are constantly in touch with us over the phone, which is very reassuring,” said the man.



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