16 Key Highlights From Narendra Modi’s Interview With Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar

modi akshay kumar interview

Today in the morning, our beloved prime minister Sri Narendra Modi was interviewed by the celebrity actor Akshay Kumar for a totally non-political interview. And  Modiji stated that he was equally much interested to take up such an apolitical session. So we have brought about some highlights of the interview which people across the world should know. It shouts out what a magnanimous, simple, humble personality Narendra Modi is besides being the ‘looked upon’ Prime Minister worldwide!.

modi akshay kumar interview

Did you ever dream of being a Prime Minister, and if so at what age you thought about it?

Modiji instant answer was ‘NO’, Not at all, never ever!. He says that people hardly would believe this fact. Because for a  person coming from a veteran political background having PM dreams would be normal but in the very casual poor family he was raised securing a normal job somewhere was a big deal. He then revealed about his goals of being a soldier in his childhood as well.


Why did you think of being a saint in the Himalayas?

He getting into Ramakrishna mission and his guru ‘Swami Atmasthananda’ where some factors which influenced him to get into the world of spirituality. It was then he went to the Himalayas and wandered everywhere, tried exploring the world all at the age of 18-20. He as well confessed to having confusions in life along with his own desires in the mind and said, on top of all this he lacked guidance. Hence he himself started raising questions and finding answers in his mind internally. He then went through quite a tremendous struggle from within. And finally amidst all confusions he one fine day just became what he himself never expected to be is what he said.

Would you get angry? If so what do you do then?

Modiji surprisingly said he never gets angry. And said that anger only makes one forget their aim and deviates one from their goal which they might have determined at that point of time. He said that in case there was an incident which would agitate him he would quietly sit down and write down the entire incident over a sheet and tear it off hence tearing apart the fire of anger within.

Do you feel like living with your mother and family members in this huge house of yours?

He said that its been ages he left his mother, home and everything in service to the country. He is totally detached from many emotional aspects of life. In his words, ‘I am rid of all Lagav, Moha, Maya’ etc. Also said that he does have his mother come over at times, but she advises him not to waste his time on her and that she would do good at her village with people all around. And thirdly he said his mother would again simply upset herself having him come at 12 am or seeing his usual stressed out routine.


How is your sense of Humour after you being a PM?

He said that he is basically very hilarious since childhood making a serious situation lighter immediately. Modiji says he still loves humorous quotes and would like to play around with words and lines trying to create humor out of it. But now I am scared to bring about any fun because media these days twist and turn to spread different meanings out of what is said by picking bits and pieces from parts of what one conveys.

How much is your Bank Balance?

Modiji said that he had no bank account until he became an MLA. When he left as a CM he asked people to clear his bank account as he was in no need of it. They then objected this and finally, they came in terms to offer his 21 lakhs to his secretariat, driver, and Pune’s girl children’s education, etc.

What would be your 3 wishes if you get an Alladin Gin?

He sais that he would first tell him to tell people that ‘Alladin Gin’ getting wishes fulfilled for free is a myth and to stop spreading such false stories to the future generation. He says its all about ‘Parishram’. Work hard and you will get the fruits of it.


What are your Post Retirement Plans?

He says that he doesn’t know anything other than taking up the responsibilities which come his way. He said he is unaware of any ‘pass times’, as responsibilities have always engaged him constantly. Also said such thoughts never came to his mind nor does he think about them. But said one thing is for sure that he would spend his every minute of life into some purposeful mission.

You sleep only 3 and a half hours, Is that true?

He says that true and that by now he is accustomed to his sleep cycle which is very short. And says that the rest and sleep required for his body is completely gained in that short period. And his short sleep hours is nothing due to stress or other pressures. And whenever he sleeps he sleeps to the fullest and wakes up completely active, extremely fresh the very next second he opens his eyes.

modi akshay kumar interview

How do you put up with the cold?

He said he has led such a difficult life that he says he doesn’t really understand these sophisticated expensive allopathy medicines. He believes in Ayurveda. And said he only drinks warm water and tries fasting when he catches a cold. He would also add a drop or two of ‘sarso ka tel’ in the nose. It would burn a little but would cure his flu quickly said Modi.


From where do you seek such amazing fashion inspiration?

He said that he has had a humble background. Till the time, he became a Chief Minister, he used to wash his clothes himself. Longer sleeves were a hindrance while washing clothes, so he had cut them off which on a lighter note he said was his only fashion secret.

How do you feel looking at memes talking about you on Social Media?

Modi said he enjoys those memes and never gets offended. In fact, looking at them he is very pleased with the amazing creativity of today’s youth. He says the biggest advantage of social media is that he gets to know what and how a common man thinks.

Do you share your salary with your mother?

He said, ‘No rather, my mother gives me money and she doesn’t require help as well. He said whenever he visits her, she would give me sawa rupaiye. And said, ‘You have to understand since I have been a Chief Minister, I have considered the nation as my family’.

What games did you play in childhood?

He said he used to go to the Sangh Shakhas, where you get exposure to scientific games which also taught him team spirit. To ensure we grow in life in general, we should focus on sports where we play as a team which teaches leadership skills is what he had to say.


How did it feel like a tea seller?

He said when he was a tea-seller, he would interact with a lot of people. He said tea helped him learn a new language- Hindi.

How did you enjoy this interview?

What he enjoyed the most about this interview was that this for him was a great pleasurable break from the election madness. And said that this was also one of the ways he would refresh himself.