“No script no Hit”: popular Filmmaker warns about Hera Pheri 3

Earlier, hit maker Anees Bazmee almost inked for directing the third part of producer Firoz Nadiadwala’s Hera Pheri franchise. But it is Farhad Samji who is doing the film. Anees is suddenly out and here’s the reason why he decided to move out of the job.

Reason why Anees opted out

Filmmaker Anees Bazmee was rumored to have been roped in to direct Hera Pheri 3. Now, when the film is finally set to go on floors, Anees is not seen in the project and it is being directed by Farhad Samji instead. Anees is now shocked that how Akshay Kumar has given his nod to do Hera Pheri 3 as he claims in his latest interview that the superstar was opposite the script and has no clue on how the producers brought him on board


Earlier, a Bollywood Hungama article had quoted the filmmaker as saying that he said no to directing Hera Pheri 3 as producer Firoz Nadiadwala ‘didn’t have much of a story let alone a script’. He had said, “I met the producer Firoz Nadiadwala several times. He didn’t have much of a story let alone a script. The idea he told me didn’t gel with me. I said no.”

The formula for a successful film is simple for the filmmaker. “No script no hit. It’s as simple as that. This is why I am taking so much time over my next screenplay, which will star Shahid Kapoor. I am going to finish writing it by the end of this month. Then there will be an announcement.”

Akshay coming on board was a surprise

The filmmaker had also added in the interview that he was surprised at Akshay Kumar coming back on board for the film after initially having said no. “After I declined the offer, I now hear the film is going to be directed by someone else (Farhad Samji). Akshay Kumar, who was totally opposed to doing the film without a proper script, has apparently agreed to come on board. I don’t know how or why. Only he will be able to tell. Speaking for myself, I am not part of that project anymore.”


It is also reported that Firoz Nadiadwala still owed Anees money for the last film that they did together, also a reason for Anees opting out. “Yes, that too. But if I had liked the story idea I would have probably gone head. Lekin aisa kuch ttha hi nahin (there was nothing to tempt me to do the film).”