Mystic and Unexplored Nine Hill Forts Near Bengaluru for a Spine-Chilling Scenic Experience

nine hill forts

They say, ‘there’s nothing out there.’ Forts are becoming extinct because they do not have those fancy recreational attributes. And of course, when they fail to attract the tourists then obviously they don’t get the deserving attention. Over the time, we have become so materialistic that we have lost that curiosity of exploring the things. There are so many historical monuments which are becoming obsolete and passe`; quite an unfortunate sight. In this context, we should notice the Nine Hill forts near Bengaluru which are the standing examples of city’s rich and diverse history.

How many of you have heard or read about the Nine Hillforts, also known as Navadurgas on the outskirts of Bengaluru? They all are located within a radius of 100 km craving to tell the stories of the bygone days of the city. These are said to be one of the largest monoliths in Asia and their legacy dates back to the era of kings and kingdoms.

To mention a few, you may already know about the popular ones like Savanadurga, Nandidurga (Nandi Hills), Makalidurga, and Devarayanadurga. However, the lesser known ones are Hutridurga, Hulirayadurga, Channarayana Durga, Kabbala Durga, and Bairavadurga. If you are an avid trekker, passionate traveler, and a soulful explorer then you should make time for these places.

Nandi Durga (Nandi Hills)

Easily, Nandi hill is one of the popular weekend getaways of the city, located at a distance of 61 km from Majestic. We all know about the serene beauty of Nandi hills and there is no exaggeration to it. However, if we dig a bit on the history, then it said that the hillock got its name from the bull of Shiva, Nandi as the hill appear like a sleeping bull. Nandi Durga is also known for Yoga Nandeshwara temple whose history dates back to Chola rule.

The hillock being the point of origin for the Arkavathy river was also called as Ananda Giri, the hill of happiness. It is said that the Nandi Durga fort was built by the ruler Tipu sultan; houses the 1300-year-old-Dravidian-style Nandi temple situated on the hill.

nine hill forts
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Makalidurga is located amidst a chain of hills, at an elevation of 3664ft. There is an age-old Shiva temple at the summit and as per the sources, it is believed that the sage Markandeya has performed the penance here. Quite a mysterious place where night trekking is considered illegal. It has a rich flora and fauna, known for medicinal herbs and plants.

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Channarayana Durga

Channarayan Durga is known for the ruins of a 7-storied fort whose construction is said to be quite complex in nature. The fort initially belonged to Maratha which then conquered by Wodeyars of Mysuru before handing over it to British. An interesting place to explore and an amazing place for trekking.

nine hill forts
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Devarayana Durga

Quite a popular place among the localities known for the legendary Bhoga Narasimha and Yoga Narasimha located at the base and the summit respectively. During the rule of Chikka Devaraya Wodeyar, the hillock was named as Devarayana Durga which was earlier called as Anebiddasari, and Jadakanadurga.

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Bhairava Durga

Bhairava Durga, located at a distance of 60 km from Bengaluru has the legendary Byraweshwara temple and a fort built by Kempegowda. This is a spine-chilling place for trekkers and a view atop of the hill is simply magnificent.

nine hill forts
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Huliraya Durga

Huliraya Durga is in ruins because of its difficult access to the fort. Located at a distance of 60 km, this hillock can be seen in the shape of an inverted cup.

nine hill forts
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Savana Durga

Savanadurga is one of Asia’s biggest stone monuments; the hillock was known as Savadi amid the Hoysala run the show. It is additionally said that Hyder Ali used to push off guilty parties from the best and subsequently it was called Savinadurga and later on recognised as Savanadurga. The place is one of the famous ends of the week getaways from Bengaluru; because of the rich backwoods cover, the place pulls in countless.

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Kabbala Durga

Kabbaladurga The hillock gets its name from the Goddess Kabbalamma whose hallowed place is found on the slope. The hillock is pyramid formed and is a most loved goal among the novice trekkers. The fortification on lies in an overlooked state and harmed. The place is situated at a separation of 80 km from Bengaluru in Kanakapura.

nine hill forts
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Hutri Durga

Hutri Durga is known for the seven-storied fort built by Kempegowda, located at 65 km from Bengaluru, in Tumkur. This is a mystic place where you can find the ruined soldier homes, a stone cot, a durbar hall, and powder magazines. Highly recommended for trekking but the cause of lack of amenities, the fort is in ruins today.

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