Mysore Pak Drama: Kannada Media Channels Mistakenly Creates A Mess

source: twitter

A single tweet can cause a hell lot of confusion and misunderstanding between you and the people. Tweeting on someone’s actuality or property could unknowingly lead you into trouble. A mocking Tweet on the famous Karnataka sweet has now become part of a huge debate. Call it a mistake or foolishness, but a scientist named Dr. Anand Ranganathan has surrounded himself in immense trouble.

He in his tweet thanked the higher authority for giving Mysore Pak’s Geographical Indications tag to Tamil Nadu. Consequently, his tweet was not pleased by some Kannada media body as they have misconstrued his statement into a huge controversy.


A facetious Tweet’s dispute

The controversy began when Dr. Anand Ranganathan who hails from Tamil Nadu, sparked a facetious dispute, claiming Karnataka’s delicacy Mysore Pak to be from his state’s origin. Though he intended to joke and not to create a dispute, the scientist has now surrounded himself in a mistaken debate.

In a tweet, Dr. Ranganathan tagged Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman while declaring that he had accepted a token of gratitude ‘on behalf of the one-man-committee’ for giving Mysore Pak GI tag to Tamilnadu.

His previous comments on Mysore Pak

He might have not thought that his mockery could lead him to a huge contention in the Kannada media channels. However, the media also targeted Nirmala Sitharaman for betraying the people of Karnataka for supporting Tamil Nadu over the issue of Mysore Pak despite being chosen from Karnataka on a Rajya Sabha ticket.


Four years back in 2015, Ranganathan claimed that Mysore Pak was Tamil Nadu’s invention. He had tweeted declaring Mysore Pak as a Tamilian invention, as endorsed by Lord Macaulay. Now in 2019, his previous gaffe has brought him fresh trouble. Source

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