This Police Station In Karnataka Deployed Cats To Deal With A Bizarre Situation

A police station in Karnataka has ‘deployed’ two cats to rein in rats on its premises. Such action was taken after officials at the station got worried as the rats started to chew away files and documents.

Rats creating havoc

Rats were creating havoc at Gauribidanur Rural police station in the Chikkaballapur district. Later the police ‘deployed’ two cats to rein in rats on its premises. Located roughly 80 km from Bengaluru city, the station was built in 2014.


The police station was constructed eight years ago on land right next to a waterbody. There is dense vegetation at some distance from it, providing a shelter for rats. Police originally noticed a couple of rats in the beginning but soon they were found everywhere at the station – in almirahs, tables, behind photo frames, etc.

Rats then began to destroy documents, including complaint copies, FIRs, evidence sheets, and even items seized during the investigation. To get rid of the rats, cops brought two cages, but their very numbers made them useless. The idea of nurturing cats was considered and initially, one male cat was pushed into service. Raved by the positive outcome, the police brought one more and the station is now free of rat menace, said sources.

Cats deployed

Speaking to the media, Vijay Kumar, Gauribidanur rural police station sub-inspector, said: “We have a lake nearby and it seems the rats found our station to be a better place to live. When a cat was deployed, the rat menace reduced and we have brought in another cat recently. Till now, they have killed three rats.”


He reported that they provide milk and food to the two cats, which are now like a family inside the police station.

According to the reports, many of the departments in Karnataka spend a considerable amount of money to restrain the rat and mosquito menace. A Right to Information (RTI) query has revealed that the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) spends an amount of around Rs 50,000 per year to prevent this menace of rats and mosquitos.