Vivek Agnihotri Plans To Release ‘TKF’ Director Cut; To Showcase Deleted Scenes

After IFFI jury Nadav Lapid’s statement sparked controversy, Vivek Agnihotri is planning to release a directors’ cut of his much controversial film, The Kashmir Files amid massive interest!

The Kashmir Files’ Director Cut 

Vivek Agnihotri’s controversial film The Kashmir Files is still in the news even months after its release. The film was a part of the race along with 15 others at IFFI 2022. Things turned ugly when the head of the jury Nadav Lapid ended up calling it ‘vulgar.’ The remark annoyed the director Vivek Agnihotri, producer Pallavi Joshi and many others who have been part of the film. Amidst it all, a director’s cut of the film is planned to be re-released soon.


Amid massive backlash, Nadav Lapid broke the silence on his statement and went on to claim that TKF was a part of IFFI due to massive political pressure. However, he apologized for offending and hurting the sentiments of any community and clarified that it wasn’t his intention.

Massive interest from the audience

According to the Times of India, the IFFI controversy has hiked interest in The Kashmir Files amid controversy. A source adds, “The nation wants to revisit the film. Those who haven’t seen it want to see it. Those who have seen it, want to watch it again. There is a heightened interest in The Kashmir Files. And director Vivek Agnihotri is under pressure to bring back the film in a longer version.”

“There is so much more to the film than what we see at the moment. Vivek Agnihotri wants to restore some of what he had taken out on the editing table because of the lengthy playing time. He’s sure the audience would happily watch The Kashmir Files even if it is four hours long,” the report adds.