Mukesh Ambani Launches JioMeet, Takes On Zoom – Here Are All The Details

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Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio launched a video conferencing app called JioMeet which is now in direct competition with the popular software Zoom.

The JioMeet application can hold up to 100 people including the host. Interestingly, like Zoom, JioMeet doesn’t have a fixed time limit. The video conferencing can go up to 24 hours without interruptions. The software also has a familiar user interface which is easy to use. Here all the details you need to know.


Available on All platforms

JioMeet is now available on all platforms including the android play store, apple store, macOS and Windows. The conferencing also has a web hosting service where it can be done through the browser.


JioMeet can be used on old video conferencing also thereby supporting interoperability as well.

Easy To Use

In order to use the software, one can either use a phone number or email ID which will create a JioMeet account through which they can start their video conference.


100 People at Once

One can invite up to 99 people to join a meeting at the same time on the JioMeet app. One can even schedule the meeting and send invites to 99 people.

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Unique Meeting ID

People can join the meeting by entering a unique meeting ID and password or can join through the link. For people who are joining a call, they need not have the application installed. They can come via browser too but for the host, the application needs to be installed in the device.


JioMeet offers HD audio and video call quality that makes it preferable to businesses and other organizations who will be looking to record the sessions without any hindrance.


Encrypted Meetings

While the major concern by the users of Zoom was the privacy, Jio claims that JioMeet meetings are encrypted and password protected.

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Waiting Room

The host can control the guests coming in and out through an option called Waiting room. This ensures nobody will encroach the meetings.

Switching Device

With JioMeet’s multi-device login, one can easily switch to other devices during an ongoing call and other technical glitches. JioMeet also has other features like screen sharing where the host or any participant with permission can share their screen with others.



Source: Gadgets Now