Cyclone In Arabian Sea May Delay Monsoon In Bengaluru; Scanty Rainfall Expected In Interior Karnataka

monsoon in bengaluru

A cyclone in the Arabian Sea may delay monsoon in Bengaluru by four to five days, according to the  Indian Meteorological Department. The IMD says that a low-pressure area has been formed over Southeast, East Central Arabian Sea, and Lakshwadeep which is expected to intensify further into a depression during the upcoming 48 hours. As the cyclone will move north-northwestwards it may further develop into a cyclonic storm.

Interior Karnataka And Bengaluru May Receive Scanty Rainfall      

The scientist at Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center. SSN Gavaskar said, “The cyclone is still developing. If it happens, the interior parts of Karnataka might receive scanty rainfall initially and Bengaluru too might receive less rainfall. Coastal areas of the state will be the most affected due to the cyclone (if it happens). But nothing concrete can be said as of now as it can pass  too.”


The monsoon has already reached Kerala almost a week after its usual date and is expected to touch Karnataka by June 11. Usually, it takes monsoon 2 days to reach Karnataka after reaching Kerala. However, due to the possibility of cyclone in the Arabian Sea, the monsoon might be delayed in Bangalore and interior parts of Karnataka.

Wind Speeds To Become High; IMD Issues Warning To Fishermen

According to IMD from June 10 to June 13, the wind speeds will be exceptionally high and range between 35 to75 km/hour. That is why the department has warned the fishermen not to go near the sea in these couple of days. The warning also says that widespread rainfall is expected in the Karnataka coastal areas.

IMD has said that the fishermen especially belonging to Kerala, Karnataka, East Central Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep, and South Maharashtra coasts should not enter the sea as the sea conditions are expected to become rough due to high wind speed until June 11.  The wind speed will increase gradually and may reach the speed of 55 to 65 km/ hour and will flow over East Central as well as adjoining the southeast Arabian Sea at 75 km/hour.