10 Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid That Time And Again Proved His Mettle As ‘The Wall’

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

Indian cricket history is replete with names of bigtime cricketers who made a big name in the game and made India proud. Rahul Dravid fondly called as “The Wall” or “Mr. Dependable” of Indian cricket in his long span of an international cricketing career that started in 1995-1996 against Sri Lanka played some remarkable innings.

Here are some of the most memorable innings of Rahul Dravid:

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

Second Test vs. Australia, December 2003 Adelaide

In partnership with VVS Laxman Dravid went on to score 233 runs for the country. With a score of 556 runs, Australians were the hot favorites to win the match as India needed around 230 runs to win. Dravid batted relentlessly to score another 72 runs and helped India emerge a winner. This win is also historical as it ended the 16 matches long Australia’s winning streak.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

2. Headingley Test Vs. England, 2002

It is one of the most challenging matches Rahul Dravid faced. Under the captainship of Sourav Ganguly, Dravid came in after England managed to dismiss Sehwag very early in the innings. Dravid scored 148 runs making sure that India wins by an innings and 46 runs.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

3. New Zealand Test, Hamilton, 1999

In this match, Rahul Dravid went on to score a century each in both the innings matching the records of all-time Indian cricketing greats, Vijay Hazare and Sunil Gavaskar. In the first inning, Mr. Dependable scored 190 runs and in the second innings, he scored 103 runs. In partnership with Ganguly, he made 415 runs at the strike rate of 75.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

4. Eden Gardens, 2001

It was a thrilling match against Australia which really proved that Dravid is the wall who can stand between India’s success and failure in cricket. By the time Dravid came to batting, Indians were down by 8 wickets. In partnership with VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid scored 180 runs with Laxman going further with a score of 281 runs.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

5. Rawalpindi, Pakistan, April 2004

Nerves are on the verge of wrecking every time there is an India v/s Pakistan match. This third test against Pakistan in Rawalpindi met all thrill and excitement package that you expect from an India, Pakistan game. With the series leveled up 1-1, India needed a win to clinch the series. Rahul Dravid batted for two and half days to score 270 runs in 740 minutes to ensure India’s win.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

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6. Birmingham, 6th July 2002

In this one-day match against Sri Lanka, Rahul Dravid doubled as a wicketkeeper and batsman. He came to the pitch when India was struggling at 33 for 3 and went on to score 64 runs to ensure that his country wins the match. He could not last till the end and was out when India was 9 runs short of winning. Even then through his sensational knock, he ensured that the Indian team takes a complete grip over the match.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

7. Bristol, August 2007

In this match against England, Dravid for a change displayed a show of brutal power and made 92 runs very quickly in just 63 balls. He also remained unbeaten till the end of Indian innings.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

8. Sharjah, October 2000

Rahul Dravid displayed yet again what a perfect finisher he is in this match against Zimbabwe. Despite losing partners regularly at the other end, with his nerves of steel he continued to bat 121 balls and score winning 85 runs.

9. Hyderabad, November 2003

On 15th November 2003, Rahul Dravid played the fastest ODI fifty by an Indian batsman at Hyderabad against the Kiwis by scoring 50 runs off 22 balls. The innings was indeed very special because it was the fastest fifty ever made by any Indian batsman until that time.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid

10. Cameo At Multan, February 2006

One of the most memorable innings of Rahul Dravid is a cameo of 59 runs in Multan against Pakistan in February 2006. When Dravid arrived at the pitch India was chasing 161 runs and struggling at 5 for 1. The Wall built a match-winning partnership with Yuvraj Singh to help India clinch the match.

Memorable Innings Of Rahul Dravid


So, these were a few selected memorable innings of Rahul Dravid. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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