Rahul Dravid Angry For 46 More Seconds: Stuck Again In Bengaluru Traffic

A couple of weeks ago, Cred released an advertisement featuring Rahul Dravid in an unseen avatar. Dravid is known as a guy who is usually calm and relaxed. However, in the clip, Dravid was seen as angry, an emotion that he is hardly associated with. The ad went viral instantly and even overshadowed IPL 2021’s first encounter between RCB and Mumbai Indians.

Rahul Dravid oozes calmness

Be it on the field or off it, Dravid has always held on to the image of being a calm personality. There have been very few instances where the former Indian captain lost his cool. This was one of the attributes which earned him many fans throughout his career. But when this image was disturbed, that too in a hilarious way, there was no stopping the attention to this advertisement.


Cred had released the ad at the start of IPL

It was the IPL season and the race had started as to who would walk away with the cake of attention during over breaks. From the first day itself, Cred caught the people’s eyes with the entertaining promotional clip.

New clip released featuring Rahul Dravid

A few hours ago, a new clip has been released starring RD, yet again in anger mode. This time, though, it’s not another ad but the ‘behind the scene’ of the earlier clip. The video sees the ‘Wall’ trying to ace the ‘angry’ image. There are also a few new bits like Dravid speaking on phone and asking VVS Laxman to keep the boys ready. This was a hilarious bit and could have added more fun to the actual advertisement.