Meet A Driver From Bengaluru Who Operates E-Auto In The City, Says He Is The Happiest Man Saving

source: twitter

The day is not far when the roads in the cities will be occupied by Electric Vehicles. These EVs will be a clear replacement for petrol/diesel vehicles in the city. Some day or the other., the whole world has to come out of this oil addiction. Meet this auto fellow from Bengaluru who has taken this task way ahead of today’s generation. A Driver in Bengaluru has bought an E-Auto on finance to collect fare rides in the city. His move has given technology demonstration to the people which is indeed cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

E-autos in Bengaluru

A social media user named KP Ganesh shared this incident by describing a scenario where he saw this unique auto which operated on electricity. To break all the curiosity behind this mystery Auto Wala, Ganesh proceeded further to have a bit of conversation with the driver. The rikshaw fellow informed him that he bought this vehicle for Rs 3,00,000 on finance. He informed that the monthly electricity bill was just an additional Rs.1200 against the petrol cost of Rs.12,000 that would cost to a normal auto driver. He said he was the happiest man as he could save plenty of money.


The driver further stated that his E-auto hardly takes 3 hours to get fully charge at his place. Everything was perfect in his ride as it could be zoomed off quickly at 55kmph. The only thing that was bothering the driver was its not so cozy suspensions. He said that he has informed the company about it and has said he will not have to worry about it Maintainance for next 5 years.

EV that operated on Lithium-Ion battery

The E-Auto belonged to Mahendra Electric, who recently launched this three-wheeler EV that operated on Lithium-Ion battery. Named as Mahendra Treo runs with the most advanced version of Lithium-Ion technology that provides comfort for drivers and passengers, along with zero-emission technology, for a better tomorrow.

“Mahindra Treo is India’s first electric three-wheeler to be powered by a lithium-ion battery and comes loaded with many segment-first features. However, the biggest USP of the vehicle is the increase in customer savings thanks to its low-maintenance and running costs. We are committed to offering the best after-sales support through Mahindra’s widespread dealer network. With Mahindra Treo, its users will earn more per kilometer when compared to a conventional three-wheeler,” an official report said.