Mahesh Babu Refuses To Work In Bollywood, Says ‘They Can’t Afford Me’

Mahesh Babu, in a media interaction, revealed that he wouldn’t do Bollywood films as the industry would not be able to afford him. The actor added that he is happy doing films in the Telugu Industry.

Bollywood can’t afford Mahesh Babu

South star Mahesh Babu, who is awaiting the release of his upcoming film Sarkaru Vaari Paata on May 12, attended the trailer launch event on Monday and said that even though he got a lot of offers for Hindi films, he feels Bollywood can’t afford him and that he doesn’t want to waste his time.


“I may sound arrogant, but I did get a lot of offers in Hindi, but I don’t think they can afford me. I don’t want to waste my time working in an industry which can’t afford me. The stardom and the respect I get here [in the South] is huge, so I never really felt like leaving my industry and going to some other industry. I have always considered doing films and becoming bigger. My dream is coming true now and I can’t be happier,” he said.

Strength lies in Telugu cinema

Speaking further, Mahesh Babu said that he has always felt that his strength lies in Telugu cinema. He said, “I always wanted to do Telugu films and wished people across India would watch it. And now when that is happening I’m very happy. I always had this strong opinion that my strength is Telugu films and the emotion I understand is the Telugu film emotion.”

Quite recently, in a video doing rounds on the internet, Mahesh Babu said that ‘he doesn’t need to do Hindi films’ and that ‘Telugu films are being seen all over the world’. He had said, “I don’t need to do Hindi films. I can just do a Telugu film and it’ll get seen all over the world – that’s what’s happening right now. You would want to be in a position where you do only Telugu films.”



He had also spoken about his plans to venture into OTT. He said that he is meant for the big screen and wouldn’t think about foraying into digital space.